7 Days Pain Relief Kit

5 Elements 7 Days Pain Relief Kit

Pain Relief in 7 Days

Effectively relieve stiff neck & shoulder, headaches or migraine that are caused busy sedentary lifestyle.

Sedentary lifestyle has left us...

A sedentary, stressful, and busy lifestyle can potentially contribute to ill health. When we often sitting at the same place for much of the day, the Qi flow (气) in our body will be stagnant, which will cause several pains to the body such as Stiff Neck & Shoulder and Migraines.

Understanding Blocked Meridian Points

The cause of stiff neck & shoulder is due to the Qi flow is stagnant on the meridian points.

风池 Feng Chi
Mainly focus on dizziness, headache, migraine, tinnitus, stroke, or unable to see.

天柱 Tian Zhu
Mainly focus on shoulder muscle stiffness, soreness, pain, paralysis, or depression.

肩井 Jian Jing
Best with Tian Zhu point to relieve shoulder stiffness, high blood pressure, or frozen shoulder.

5 Elements

7 Days Pain Relief Kit

7 Days Pain Relief Steps

- follow the steps once / twice a day -

Step 1

Open the meridian points with
QiFlo Meridian Essence

Adopts traditional herbal philosophy to open up the acupoint, in order to relieve pain and improve stagnated “Qi” flow in our body.

Step 2

Repair damaged tissues with
Myofascial Pain Relief Essential Oil

Using 100% natural herbal formula that helps to ease chronic pain and inflammation caused by myofascial stiffness.

Step 3

Unclog meridians knots with
Herbal Balancing Cream

Stimulate the endocrine system with natural plant ingredients to boost hormonal balance and eliminate the physiological discomfort caused by hormonal imbalance.

Step 4

Deeply relieve pain with
ActivePlus Medicated Plaster

Deeply relieved body pains with plasters that are made with traditional herbal formula from Compendium of Medical Herbs (本草纲目).

5 Elements

Bojin Massage Tools

Buffalo horn is a natural material that can help to recuperate the meridians without harm. It is proven the most suitable natural massage tool to be used on human body.

TCM physicians highly recommended Gua Sha (刮痧), Bojin (拨筋), massage tools to unclog blocked meridian points over the body.

What others say about

7 Days Pain Relief Kit

Really syok upon the application of the products! 感觉很舒服,血气在循环。


My stiff neck subsided on the 4th days of applying. At first, i didn’t feel much of the heat, but after i dropped more of the essence and massage more, i can feel the comfort of the heat of my joints.



7 Days Pain Relief Kit (Premium)
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7 Days Pain Relief Kit (Basic)
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