About 5 Elements

About Five Elements (五行)

Five Elements of Nature (五行) represents all the fundamental elements in nature and life force, and “qi” is that to flow through them.

金 represents METAL;  木 represents WOOD;  水 represents WATER;  火 represents FIRE;  土 represents EARTH.

The Founder

Elson Lee

The founder of Refresh Group, Mr. Elson Lee, has started his entrepreneurship journey in 2003 after gaining unexpected health benefits at a reflexology center. He always believes that natural and non-invasive methods are the best way to improve overall health. Hence, his purpose in establishing his first-foot reflexology outlet in Compass Point is to cultivate a healthy Singapore with ancient natural methods. In fact, venturing into the reflexology business was a risk for him as he has zero knowledge about reflexology science.

However, there was a quote saying “Fortune Favors The Bold”, Elson did it anyway without a doubt about his idea and mission. After achieving massive success in the reflexology business, Elson went on to dive into Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

He established Yong Kang TCM and employed over 20 highly internationally trained TCMPB registered physicians to provide convenient, affordable, responsible, and effective TCM treatment services to people. More than 2 million clients are treated by applying our modern TCM techniques.

With years of effort and experience, Refresh Group has gained a firm foothold in the TCM industry. This makes Elson decided to provide wellness and nourishing TCM-based meals by establishing Rejuven together with Nigel and Andy.

Refresh Group is now one of Singapore’s largest TCM wellness groups with 4 business divisions that operate across 10 locations islandwide. Their core interests are focused on TCM clinic, TCM facial, TCM foot spa, TCM food, and TCM hair care center. Elson will never be satisfied with the status quo, and he is consistently learning, upgrading, and adapting TCM practices under medical research while looking for the possibility to develop various TCM healthcare services at the same time.

5 Elements

With more than 15 years of experience in the TCM industry and 10 years of experience in the beauty and wellness industry, we have learned how the five elements (五行) and yin and yang (阴阳) drive the flow of Qi (气) in the human body, and how stagnation of Qi affects the functions of the human body, which causes body pains and discomforts.

Thus, our brand 5 Elements is determined to convey the concept of five elements and the importance of Qi balance to the public, by reconciling the balance of yin and yang and the five elements through internal and external uses from 5 Elements products and treatments, to achieve optimal health & wellness from the inside to the outside.

We encourage both internal adjustment (内调) and external application (外用) to regulate the body to achieve the best condition.