Bojin Massage Tool

5 Elements

Buffalo Bojin

There are total of 24 meridians and 720 acupoints over the human body. Each of the meridian is composed of many acupoints, and each of the acupoint is representing different body parts and organs.

Bojin is also known as acupressure (or meridians tissue manipulation). Unlike traditional Gua Sha which focus only on blood circulation, it is more about to relieve the body pains by unclogging the blocked meridian knots and leading the stagnant Qi flow in the body.

5X Effective

Massage the pain areas and reflection acupoints with bojin tools to enhance the pain relief effect

100% Natural

Natural buffalo bojin tools are well known as the best massage tools for human body.

Precise Focus

The variety of bojin tools are to target on different body parts and acupoints from head to toe.

TCM Recommended

Bojin tools are highly recommended by TCMPB certified physicians to use along with the essential oils & cream.

Choose The Right Tools For Your Body

- click the pain points to see the suggested tools -

1️⃣ 5 Elements Head & Body Scraper Gua Sha 五行黑牛角刮痧板

2️⃣ 5 Elements Double Claw Bojin Tool 五行双爪牛角

3️⃣ 5 Elements Natural Horn Bojin Tool (M) 五行中号牛角

4️⃣ 5 Elements Natural Flat Horn Bojin Tool 五行扁头小牛

5️⃣ 5 Elements Natural Horn Bojin Tool (S) 五行小号牛角

How to Use Bojin Tools

5 Elements Buffalo bojin tools are made with hearty craft, each tool target for different body parts.

Check out the video tutorials to know more about how to use the bojin tools at home!

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