5 Elements Mineral Stone Scraper 五行砭石刮痧板

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Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that the top grade Mineral Stone (砭石) has the functions of calming the nerves, regulating qi and blood, and dredging the meridians.

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5 Elements Mineral Stone Scraper 五行砭石刮痧板
Mineral Stone (砭石) is a stone that is good for human body. When the body absorbs the energy of the mineral stone’s ultrasound, the blood circulation of the body is accelerated, and the tissue will have a heaty response. The heat produced has the effects of analgesia, relieving muscle spasms, and improving the microcirculation state of the tissue.

Suitable for
Head: migraine, insomnia, dry eyes, stress, poor sleep quality
Face & Eye: acne, dark circle, eye bag, sunken face, dullness around the mouth, blurred eyes
Back: back acne, back pain, sedentary stiffness

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