5 Elements Natural Horn Bojin Tool (M) 五行中号牛角

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100% naturally made from buffalo horn, which is proven the most effective natural massage tool. Best use with 5 Elements Herbal Home Care Kit.

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5 Elements Natural Horn Bojin Tool (M) 五行中号牛角

Suitable for
Neck & Shoulder: stiff neck & shoulder, lymphatic swelling, dowager’s hump
Chest: chest pain, neck marks, dull skin, acnes on chest area
Tummy: cold lower abdomen, menstrual cramps, constipation
Lower Back: lower back pain and soreness, waist stiffness and dullness
Buttock: sagging hips, dullness, coldness, fat accumulation

*For best result, use with 5 Elements Herbal Home Care Kit.
*配合 5 Elements 居家护理组合使用以达到最佳效果。

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