7 Days Pain Relief Kit (Basic) 7天止痛组合 基本款

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100% TCM formulated products and precise meridian massage to release body tiredness and stiffness in just 7 days.

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7 Days Pain Relief Kit (Basic)
7天止痛组合 基本款

Relieve body pains such as stiff neck & shoulder, headache, or migraine that are caused by stressful and sedentary lifestyle. Following the pain relief steps to massage the blocked meridian points to effectively relieve stiffness in 7 days!

Basic Set includes: 
1 x QiFlo Meridian Essence 5ml
1 x Myofascial Pain Relief Essential Oil 2ml
1 x Herbal Balancing Cream 15ml
1 x Pain Relief Instruction Card


7 Days Pain Relief Steps:
STEP 1  |  QiFlo Meridian Essence
Adopts traditional herbal philosophy to open up the acupoint, in order to relieve pain and improve stagnated “Qi” flow in our body.

STEP 2  |  Myofascial Pain Relief Essential Oil
Using 100% natural herbal formula that helps to ease chronic pain and inflammation caused by myofascial stiffness.

STEP 3  |  Herbal Balancing Cream
Stimulate the endocrine system with natural plant ingredients to boost hormonal balance and eliminate the physiological discomfort caused by hormonal imbalance.

Additional information


Please refer to instruction card for massage steps and direction.


Store in cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.


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