R&D Team

The Yong Kang TCM R&D Team

Our research team consists of highly qualified TCM practitioners who have been in the scene for many years.
Their immense knowledge and expertise are gradually shaping the future of medicine and wellness care.

More Than 18 Years of Experience

Established in 2003, Refresh Group is one of Singapore’s largest TCM wellness groups with 5 business divisions that operate across 10 locations islandwide. Our core interests are focused on TCM clinic, TCM facial, TCM foot spa, TCM food, TCM hair care centre, and TCM herbal home care.

Powered by our strong team, we are committed to make TCM simple and closer to you and continue to align our business mission to empower everyone’s life with TCM and create a healthy world. 

Refresh’s existing business model makes us achieve massive success in benefitting more than 2 million clients by applying our modern TCM techniques. In order to provide the ‘right care’ in the ‘right place’, we offer integrated healthcare services so that people get the care they need, when they need it.

Alfred Sim
Yong Kang Brand Ambassador

The Ingredients

- 100% natural phyto-ingredients & TCM herbs -

The 5 Elements products are made of 100% natural ingredients and TCM herbs, without the use of animal and chemical ingredients, to ensure the effects of pain relief are transmitted and absorbed by human body naturally.